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NOTE: Website sellers pay no fees until after the website is sold.

How do we serve you?

– We perform a free website appraisal to determine if your website is ready for a sale.

– If no, we provide you with an action plan to get it ready before we look to sell it for you. If yes, we present you with a brokering agreement for your approval.

– We prepare a formal Business Prospectus to present your business to buyers. The prospectus will include the website description, financials, marketing methods, traffic, technology, opportunities for growth, business valuation,… everything a buyer would want to know before buying your business. (View sample Prospectus Contents here.)

– We collect traffic reports, financials, and all other documentation that confirms the information in the prospectus.

– We contact buyers in our buyers list who have specifically indicated interest in this type of website. And we promote the website listing (without disclosing URL) using marketplaces, social media, blogs, and a myriad of other promotional methods.

– We handle prospective buyer inquiries. We qualify buyers and then provide them with the business prospectus after they sign a confidentiality agreement. Additional supporting documentation is provided later during the due diligence phase.

– We negotiate the terms and sale price for you based on our recommendations & your guidance. And we draft the final website purchase agreement for both parties to review and authorize.

– We handle the escrow payment transaction between the buyer and the seller and formally close the sale.

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