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A Sitemap is an XML file that provides a list of all the URLs on a website. Webmasters build sitemaps and submit them to search engines to inform search engines like Google and Bing that these URLs are available for crawling and indexing.

Sitemaps include the URL, a date and time when the URL was last updated, how frequently it is updated, and how important it is relative to other URLs on the website. It tells search engine web crawler software like Googlebot which URLs should be crawled and how often they should be crawled.

A sitemap is a great resource for a website buyer performing due diligence on a website. It gives the buyer a detailed list of the important web pages of the website as seen by search engines. In addition, the time stamps on each URL indicate how often the website is updated. This tells the buyer how much work he would have to do on the website regularly.


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