In-Game Advertising

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In-Game Advertising or IGA refers to including advertising within computer and video games. This can be seen on many flash games websites. Website investors looking to buy or sell games websites will usually have in-game advertising on the websites in question.

An in-game ad can be presented just before the game loads and begins, during a pause in the game, on a billboard in the background of the game, and sometimes by making the advertised product an integral part of playing the game. The ad can be dynamic or static.

Since the in-game ad is within the video game that the user (also known as gamer) is playing, it is less likely that the ad will be ignored or missed as in traditional banner ads on websites. As such in-game ads are generally more effective for advertisers than traditional ads. They are especially effective for advertisers of movies or video games.

As such, the demand for in-game advertising has been growing exponentially over the years. Ad networks like AdSense, Yahoo, and Casale Media have stepped in to deliver in-game ads from advertisers to websites that include video games. Website publishers must apply to the game advertising program offered by an ad network to be included in their inventory and receive game ads on their websites. In some cases, acceptance into the program can take a while and is not guaranteed.



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