Game Sponsorship

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Game sponsorship is a promotional method used by game developers and publishers to promote and monetize games. It is a very popular tool used in promoting flash games websites.

How does it work?

A game sponsor offers a game developer a certain sum of money in order to receive the rights to use the game on the sponsor’s website or monetize the game in other ways. The amount of money offered depends on various factors including the quality and popularity of the game and whether the sponsor receives exclusive or non-exclusive rights.

The developer retains credit as the creator of the game while monetizing his game. The sponsor hosts the game on his website and generates advertising revenue or other income from the game. Generally, sponsors also require that the developer include an advertisement about the sponsor within the game. Sponsors often distribute the game to other websites. Thus, the developer gets free promotion for his game and the sponsor’s ad is viewed by many more people.


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