Domain Authorization Code

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In a website sale, the domain name is probably the most important asset to be transferred from seller to buyer. As such, its secure transfer is paramount. A domain authorization code is a code provided by the domain registrar to the domain owner. Only the holder of this code can authorize and control the transfer of the domain from one party to another. Without the code, the domain cannot be transferred. This prevents domain theft.

Different registrars handle providing this code in different ways. In some cases, the domain owner can find the code in his account at the registrar. In other cases, the domain owner has to place a request via the registrar’s website to have the code emailed to the email address in his account.

Domains are generally transferred from the seller’s registrar to the buyer’s registrar within 5 to 10 business days. For a quicker website or domain sale process, domains can be “pushed” from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account at the same registrar. This normally takes a few hours.

Domain authorization codes are also referred to by different names: authinfo code, auth code, transfer key, transfer secret, EPP code, EPP authentication code, or EPP authorization code.


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