Why do I have to sign an NDA when buying a website?

A confidentiality agreement, sometimes referred to as an NDA or non-disclosure agreement, is an agreement that prospective website buyers sign before receiving confidential information about a website for sale.

Sellers and brokers generally request this signature from buyers. This is because many website business owners don’t want employees, customers, or competitors to know that their business is for sale. And sellers also don’t want unqualified buyers in the general public to be given access to their financials and proprietary systems.

A confidentiality agreement aims to qualify prospective buyers and prevent sensitive business information from falling into the wrong hands.

What fees do website brokers charge?

Each website broker has a different fee structure but most brokers charge anywhere from 8% to 15% of the gross sale price of the website. The specific fee depends on the type of website and the dollar size of the transaction. In larger dollar transactions, some brokers may sometimes charge lower fees.

We charge a success fee of 8% to 12% of the sale price depending on the type of website transaction. We never charge any upfront fees. The fee is only paid after the website is sold. The commission is received from the proceeds of the sale.

My website produces no revenues. Can I sell it?

It depends on the website. It is however significantly more difficult to sell a website with no revenues than one that has revenues. Website buyers seek to acquire future cash-flows when they purchase a website. So a website with no revenues is less appealing to a buyer.

However, some websites do contain other valuable assets such as a subscriber list or premium domain name. A website buyer may look past the lack of cash-flow and acquire the website primarily because of these assets. This is the exception to the rule.

As website brokers, the buyers we work with focus on websites that earn at least $20,000 in annual profits. So we don’t have the clientele that would purchase a website with no revenues.

What type of websites do you sell?

We sell many different types of websites such as AdSense, directory, affiliate, drop-shipping, e-commerce, blogs, and lead generation websites. We also sell premium domain names.

However, we only take on selling websites that we would want to buy or own ourselves. As such, we focus on selling a few websites at any given time in order to provide a dedicated service to each client.

We are not a website listing service that lists as many websites for sale as possible. We are a consultant to each client and commit to helping the client sell their website.