Dictionary for Buying and Selling Websites

The process of buying & selling websites is often filled with technical and financial jargon that is not always easy to understand. We have therefore compiled a free online dictionary of a few of the most used and overused terms and their corresponding definitions.

Because this is an e-book, the search features offer you that extra convenience in which you can quickly and easily search the book for the definitions of terms that you are interested in.

Needless to say, this book does not contain every single term used in the business of buying and selling websites or domain names. It includes over 300 terms and we aim to add more terms and definitions to it over time and provide readers with updated versions of the dictionary.

You may download your free online copy of the dictionary below:

Dictionary for Buying & Selling Websites
(File Size: 634 KB)

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We wish you lots of success in your website investment projects.