6 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling Websites: #3 Stop Running Website during Sale

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Let’s continue our series of articles outlining the top 6 mistakes that sellers make when selling websites. This mistake continues from mistake number 2: Sellers stop running their websites before the website sale.

Website owners who are trying to sell their website businesses by themselves often get distracted during the sale process. As such, many sellers stop actively managing their website while they are trying to sell the website business.

Unfortunately, this often negatively affects the performance of the website. The traffic and revenue numbers are prone to decline while the seller is working hard to secure a website buyer.

Website Buyers analyse Traffic and Financial numbers up to the last moment

Website buyers always want to know exactly how well the website is doing today. As such, the most recent numbers are extremely important to a buyer. In fact, some buyers place significantly more importance on the most recent numbers then they do on the historical numbers.

For this reason, it is extremely vital that a website owner operate his website optimally up until the last day he owns that website. In this way, the website seller can sell it to the website buyer for maximum value.

The last thing any website buyer wants is to take over a website whose traffic and financial numbers are declining during the process of the website sale. This scares website buyers. This is the primary reason why many buyers develop cold feet at some point during the website purchase process.

When a buyer begins to have second thoughts, that is not good for the deal. This is when deals can fall apart.

Hire Experts

As a website seller, if you do not have time to actively manage your website and handle the website sale process effectively, it may be a good idea to hire a website broker.

The process of selling a website or any business is not as simple and straightforward as most business owners feel. There is a great deal of work that goes into preparing the website for sale before presenting it to the public and key tasks that have to be performed after the website has been listed for sale.

The business operations have to be streamlined. The financial statements have to be compiled. A website prospectus must be prepared which outlines the operations, financials, traffic, and any other important details related to the website. This information has to be outlined in an easy-to-read format.

Once the website is listed for sale, buyer inquiries have to be handled correctly in order not to lose any buyer interest. And finally, of course, legal agreements have to be prepared every step of the way such as a letter of intent and website purchase agreement.

As with any other specialized service, it is often advisable to hire experts to handle these activities.

Website sellers who hire website brokers can then continue to run the website optimally during the sale as the broker handles the sale process.

By running the website optimally throughout the website sale process, the website owner can maintain, and often even grow, traffic and financial numbers which enables him to sell his website for maximum value.


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