Creating Software Products to Increase Website Traffic

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After you buy a website, during your training period with the seller, you must learn every detail of how the seller drives traffic to the website. After you’ve mastered that, then, and only then, should you experiment with new ways to attract additional traffic to your new website.

One of the lesser-known methods that professional website buyers use is creating and distributing software products.

You may have noticed that websites that sell software products have a very large number of backlinks pointing to them. The reason for this is that the owners create software products which they distribute to users for free or for a price. These products contain backlinks to the website of the software creator.

This is very common in game websites. Game developers create and distribute games to other websites which provide backlinks to the developer’s website.

You don’t have to be a software developer to create software products. Website buyers often create simple software products such as e-books. There are lots of publicly-available tools that enable people with no tech knowledge to create software products.

Once the software is created, it needs to be distributed. Do you manually submit the new software to hundreds of websites?

No. The software product can be used to generate what is called a PAD file. Then, automated PAD file submission software programs can distribute the file to hundreds of websites that accept the specific type of software.

As with every online marketing method, you must create a useful software product that offers real value to its end-users. It must also be related to the products or services you offer on your website. You cannot simply flood the market with a useless product that is not related to your website offerings. If you do that, very few websites will accept the product, list it on their websites, and provide you with the backlinks you desire.

For example, game developers create and distribute real fun games for users to play online. You must do the same or better. If not, your marketing efforts will produce no tangible results.

Creating and distributing software products is just one of many methods sophisticated website buyers use to quickly increase the number of backlinks and traffic to the websites they acquire. This increases the all-important revenues and ROI of the website investment.


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