The Secret to Website Success is PASSION

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One of the major advantages that an Internet-based business has over a traditional business is that it is relatively cheap to launch. With a few dollars, anyone can register a domain, set up a simple website, and be in business within days. However, cheap start-up costs do not equate to success.

Many website owners believe that the laws that govern success in a traditional business don’t apply to an Internet business. After all, the financial cost of failure is low so it doesn’t matter if the website venture fails.

When an entrepreneur is looking to launch a traditional retail store, product, or service business, due to the higher start-up costs, he generally puts a lot of thought into the project. He asks himself the single most important question for business success: Is this business in my area of passion?

For long-term business success, you must have passion for the product that your business is engaged in. Because of the cheap cost to launch a website, millions of website owners are involved in products that they don’t care about. Without passion, neither a traditional nor Internet business can succeed.

Passion gives the entrepreneur the energy to keep building the business through the tough times. Passion brings in new ideas for growing the business. Passion keeps the owner mentally and physically engaged in the business. Passion enables the owner to build a valuable business that someone else would want to buy in the future. Passion yields success.

Without passion, inevitably, the website owner loses interest in the website and neglects it. The traffic and sales drop and he shuts down the website or tries to sell it. A small group of website buyers focus on fixer-upper situations. But, unfortunately, most website buyers run away from websites that are on a decline. Website buyers dislike distressed websites. They fear that things may get worse after they purchase the website. This makes it very difficult for the owner to even sell the website at a discounted price.

A distressed retail store may have valuable inventory or a lease that a buyer can acquire and turn around the business. Most websites have very few valuable assets to liquidate. Thus, buyers place little to no value on assets such as website design or content.

The solution to this problem is to analyze a new website business just as carefully as you would analyze a traditional business or career. It doesn’t matter if it only costs $10 to register the domain name for your business. You must ask yourself whether you’re truly passionate about the information, product, or service that you intend to offer to the public. If you’re not, it’s not worth the $10 investment paid to the domain registrar. Find something else to do.

In some cases, people buy domain names to flip them without developing them. Again, you must ask yourself whether you’re passionate about domain name investing and have educated yourself adequately about the marketplace you’re getting into. Otherwise, you will end up buying a domain name that nobody else wants, and thus, you cannot sell it.

Everyday, you hear stories of people who have launched small one-man website operations and grown them into big successful website businesses. There are thousands of different website niches you can choose from. Website success can be found in absolutely any niche.

But you will only find your website success in the niche that you are passionate about. The secret to website success is PASSION.


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