How Google Algorithm Changes Affect Selling Your Website

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Google recently made algorithm changes to its search engine which affected many websites. A client we’re working with reported a temporary traffic drop because of this. If you’re looking to sell your website, how does this change affect your website sale? What should you do?

The most important point to remember from this article is this:

“Serve your customers first and foremost with quality unique information, products, and services. This is how you build a quality website that Google will recognize regardless of future algorithm changes. Your Customer is Number 1. Not Google.”

Too many website owners focus on serving Google first, and their customers second. Serve your customers first and foremost. If you serve your customers well, they spend time on your website, interact with quality content, and purchase your products or services. Google will notice this and give you higher rankings with each algorithm update.

Most websites do experience a drop, or large fluctuations, in traffic after a Google algorithm change. However, quality websites recover and do better than before. And low-quality websites suffer and never recover. Low-quality websites get weeded out while higher-quality websites get stronger.

When you own a high-quality website, it can be frustrating when you experience a drop in Traffic or Sales through no real fault of your own after a Google algorithm change. But it is temporary and will pass soon enough.

We never sell a website in the midst of huge fluctuations in Traffic or Sales caused by uncontrollable outside forces like Google algorithm changes. In the case of our client, we decided to postpone the website sale for a month. Within about 3 weeks of the initial traffic drop, his traffic numbers have begun to rise again. This was expected as our analysis had shown that he had a high-quality website which never used any questionable SEO practices, so its recovery was inevitable. In this way, we always stick to our policy of only selecting and selling quality websites to buyers.

Quality always wins.

Avoid questionable SEO practices to boost your website rankings because you will have to pay the price in lower traffic and sales when that algorithm change inevitably drops by.

When promoting your website, your top priority is “Will this benefit my customers?” and not “Will Google rank my website better if I do this?”

Your customer pays your bills. Your customer is Number 1. Not Google. Always remember that.

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