Time Kills Website Deals

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When a Buyer & Seller are ready to negotiate a website sale, the time to close that deal is now. Time kills deals.

The worst publicity that you can ask for your website listing is too much time spent listed on the market. Many sellers want to wait for that perfect buyer with that perfect offer. So they decline poor, decent, and good offers today in the hope of the windfall tomorrow.

Please never do that. The more your website listing ages in the marketplace, the more those perfect buyers are scared off by it. Work with the less-than-perfect buyers to squeeze better offers out of them as early as possible in the life of your listing.

A low-ball offer is not necessarily a bad thing, so don’t be offended. It may simply be a motivated buyer negotiating tough. That’s OK. That’s what business is about. No-one wants to spend a dollar more than necessary on any asset. As a seller, always counter-offer. Your strong counter-offer will establish whether he’s a motivated buyer or simply a tire-kicker wasting your time.

But don’t assume anything until you have qualified the buyer by his reaction to your counter-offer. A motivated buyer will stick around to fight in another round of negotiations and a tire-kicker will quickly disappear. Either way, each reaction gives you valuable information about the buyer.

Never ever leave any buyer offer waiting without responding to it because you’re offended by the offer and you’re waiting for a better offer. Work with everybody – good offer, bad offer, ugly offer.

Then, close your deal early at a good price and Return on Investment, take your cash, and move on. Don’t worry about “What if I could’ve got more money from someone else later?” It’s over. You got a good deal and the fastest-acting buyer got a good deal too. Deal closed.

Never let time kill a good deal.


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