13-year-old AdSense Website for Sale: $20,900 [ENDED]

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Popular, DMOZ-listed, profitable fortune-telling articles website with over 100,000 unique visitors per month. 100% Organic Traffic & Passive Income. Owner updates the site once a year.

Asking Price: $20,900

– Annual Income: $4,770
– All Income comes from Google AdSense
– Average Monthly Traffic: 100,804 unique visitors
– No Advertising costs
– No Search Engine Optimization
– 7,860 Backlinks
– Listed in DMOZ
– Website launched in 2000

This is a website with over 180 pages of unique articles on fortune-telling methods. The site also includes automated software that provides instant fortune-telling readings to visitors. The owner updates the site content once a year and responds to backlink requests by email once a week.

This 13 year-old brand is very popular and instantly recognized in its field. This website is a great source of passive income every month.

Contact Us for more information on this investment opportunity. Refer a Buyer for a 10% Referral Fee.


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