The Primary Goal of Business is to Generate Cash

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The primary goal of a website business is to generate cash in its bank account. Not Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Traffic, Leads, Email Lists, or Pageviews. Cash in the bank. Your top priority is Sales, not Marketing.

Cash is King. With cash, you can pay employees and bills, donate to charity, and contribute to your community.

Never confuse Marketing with Sales. Marketing is not the main objective. Profitable Sales is the primary objective. Marketing’s job is to generate profitable Sales. Without sales, you have no business. Without cash, nothing happens.

As website owners, we often get carried away with the latest marketing fads and trends. Traffic or a social media presence is only valuable if these visitors and users generate cold hard cash for your business. If they don’t, then your website business is no different than a non-profit organization.

Fads and trends come and go. Cash is cash, today or tomorrow. Until our society decides upon a different medium of exchange, cash is always king.

Please focus on generating cash first and foremost in your website business. Use old and new marketing methods to generate cash. Don’t look at Traffic or Likes or Followers or Pageviews as the primary objective. They are not. New marketing methods are introduced to generate good old cash.

Never forget this obvious wisdom: The primary goal of business is to generate cash.


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