We Sell Clients’ Websites that We Would Buy Ourselves

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We receive requests to sell websites everyday. We respond to every request but we turn down many clients because we only get involved in selling websites we truly believe in and would buy ourselves.

We don’t accumulate listings like real estate agents. We work on very few deals at any one time. We always apologize to prospective clients whose websites we decline to take on. The fact that we decline to take on a site does not mean it is a low-quality website. It just means that it doesn’t fit our criteria. We explain to prospective clients that we’d be doing the client a disservice by taking on their website if we don’t believe we’re the right broker for the site.

The sale of premium websites can be a long drawn-out process so we must be 100% committed to the website to provide the excellent service that we pride ourselves on.

When sellers approach us, we analyze their websites just like the buyers we work with would. If we would buy the site ourselves, then we’d be fully committed to selling it. As such, we can go out and proudly pitch the website to buyers with passion and enthusiasm.

We believe that this is the right way to treat website sellers who have put blood, sweat, tears, and money into their website businesses. We must respect that. We must go out there and sell their websites with nothing less than passion!

Let us sell your website for you.


Kris Tabetando provides mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory and brokerage services to Internet companies. He also partners with investors to acquire & manage Internet businesses.

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