Run Your Website Optimally Throughout the Sale Process

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Many website owners stop running their sites optimally once they decide to put it up for sale. They think to themselves “I’m going to sell my website soon so why bother spending any more time or money on the site?” Some owners even go as far as closing the website to sales in order to avoid customer service on additional sales.

Please NEVER do this.

I completely understand that the reasons for selling a website could be you become bored with operating the site or you have other projects you’re working on or you simply want to cash out. Regardless of the reason for selling, always make sure you present your website in its best light in order to get the very best price for it.

Think of how you’d sell your car or house. You’d have your car inspected by a mechanic and you’d wash it before a potential buyer checks it out. Similarly, you’d clean up your house before a potential buyer gets a tour.

Well, the same applies to your website: Invest the time and money to deliver the best sales and profit numbers before you sell it. Buyers get worried if they see a big sales or profit drop in the months leading up to the sale. And worried buyers are not good for your website sale price. Neglecting your website could ultimately cost you a lot of money.

Run your website optimally up until you transfer ownership over to the new owner. Do this and you will sell your website for the very best price.

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