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Your Website Asking Price is a Promotional Tool

August 17, 2012  |   How to Buy & Sell Websites   |     |   Comments Off on Your Website Asking Price is a Promotional Tool

Think of your website for sale as a product on a crowded shelf in a supermarket. You must price it competitively for shoppers to check it out. If you overprice, then you get no eyeballs and no sale. Remember that, unlike ...

Games Website for Sale: $1,300,000 [ENDED]

August 10, 2012  |   AdSense Websites,How to Buy & Sell Websites,Websites for Sale Listings,Websites Over $250,000   |     |   Comments Off on Games Website for Sale: $1,300,000 [ENDED]

Asking Price: USD$1,300,000 Monthly Visitors: 10 million Sales: Undisclosed Profits: Undisclosed This website contains a database of online games uploaded to the website. The website offers users the opportunity to play games online for free. Revenue is derived from PPC and Banner Advertising. The website was ...