Website Owners Fear Big Website Business Success

July 07, 2012  |   How to Buy & Sell Websites   |     |   Comments Off on Website Owners Fear Big Website Business Success

Many website owners operate very small websites that earn small sales numbers every year. Many owners believe that they want bigger sales and profit numbers but subconsciously they really don’t want this at all. Why? Because they believe more sales means more customer support, bigger personnel needs, bigger costs… basically more daily hassles.

Well, it is true that a bigger website business has more customers and therefore more responsibilities for its owners and managers. But like everything else in life, you figure it all out and before you know it, it’s routine. No genius or superhuman effort is required.

Don’t be shy. Don’t be timid. Get rid of your fear of big business success. Be big. Grow your website business. Promote your website business. Let the whole world know about your great website. Serve more people. The added responsibility will not cripple you. You’ll figure it all out like every other big website business owner has.

When you do, remember we told you so. And let us sell your website for you.


Kris Tabetando provides mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory and brokerage services to Internet companies. He also partners with investors to acquire & manage Internet businesses.

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