Don’t Try to Sell Your New Website Too Fast

June 29, 2012  |   How to Buy & Sell Websites   |     |   Comments Off on Don’t Try to Sell Your New Website Too Fast

Many website owners launch and operate a website for a few weeks or months and then look to make a quick sale. For flippers of small websites looking to earn a few hundred or thousand dollars for their work, that’s fine. But to make real money selling real website businesses, we always advise sellers to build up their financials for at least a year.

You make way more money with just a little patience.

As a seller, you should always remember that it’s easier to sell a website that has real revenues than it is to sell a website that only has future earning potential.

At a subconscious level, business buyers are looking to buy an income. They are looking for a certain amount of security. They want to know that if they do exactly what the seller did, they’ll earn exactly what the seller earned. Thus, they are willing to pay for this privilege.

If the seller made some money from the website over a few weeks or months, buyers fear that maybe the sales could drop off within a year. If the seller made no money at all but promotes the website’s future earning potential, most buyers turn to the exit immediately.

So we always advise our prospective clients to run their websites for at least a year. Put up some good sales numbers over time. Then, we’ll step in and sell your business to serious buyers for serious money.

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