Create a Website Manual for the Buyer

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Website sellers tend to focus so much of their time & energy on the valuation and asking price of their websites. The asking price is important but it is only one of the criteria that serious buyers assess when looking to purchase your website.

Website buyers also want to know that when they take over the website, they can operate it easily. One of the best ways to make a buyer feel comfortable enough to purchase your website is to create a website manual. The manual details succintly how the website back-end operations work and includes troubleshooting information.

Website sellers commonly tell prospective buyers how easy the website is to operate. This is, in fact, often true. However, in a few cases, what may be easy to you as the experienced owner of that website may be difficult to the new owner.

There is always a learning curve for a new owner. Of course, the seller always trains the buyer after the website purchase. But buyers may forget what they have been taught. No-one forgets the written word. Make the buyer feel comfortable with a good manual that he or she can refer to whenever needed. This also means the seller receives fewer emails and phone calls with questions from the buyer.

Note that a manual can be a simple one- or two-page document. There’s no need for a long overly-detailed document. Just include the basics of what a website operator would need to know.

Prepare your website for sale by preparing a simple website manual. Then Contact Us and let us sell your website for you.


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